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Tuft Pula by Numen/ For Use

Numen/For Use creates large scale interactive sculptures made predominantly from tape. The Austrian-Croatian studio’s latest work is ‘Tuft Pula’, whereby the adhesive material is used to form the structural framework of the organically shaped habitable space. The interior of the piece is precisely lined with carpet, achieved through the division of the floor covering into two-dimensional segments. Executed using traditional tufting technology, the development and production was executed in a Croatian factory, Regenarcija. 

The backside of the carpet is deliberately exposed, its rough and industrial surface acting as a contrast to the warmth and softness projected by the red rug which creates an almost womb-like effect from within. Situated within a former church in Pula, Croatia, ’Tuft Pula’ hangs at a height of 4 meters above ground level, enhancing the tension and sensory perception of the visitor. 

via Designboom


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