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Kinetic Luminaire Manta Rhei by Art+Com

The kinetic luminaire Manta Rhei consists of 14 moving metallic lamellas each of which carries ten OLEDs. Its sculptural body stretches over 1.2m x 2.4m but as the modules are individually combinable it can be scaled to any size. Both, the lamellas movements and the light animations are controlled by a program that merges mechanical and light motions to a choreographed unity.

One can select from a wide range of pre-programmed choreographies with the help of a tablet-PC, so that the light mood can be adjusted to suit any space or occasion. By using a custom-built intelligent control technology the overall quantity of light emitted from the fixture remains constant. The fixture makes use of minimalistic design language, and as a result it gives the impression of light freely hovering in space. Through interplay of mechanic motions and dynamic light animations Manta Rhei expands the classical fixture typology.

via Designboom

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