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Waves by Daniel Palacios

A long piece of rope represents three dimensionally a series of waves floating in space, as well as producing sounds from the physical action of their movement: the rope which creates the volume also simultaneously creates the sound by cutting through the air, making up a single element. Depending on how we may act in front of it, according to the number of observers and their movements, it will pass from a steady line without sound to chaotic shapes of irregular sounds (the more movement there is around the installation) through the different phases of sinusoidal waves and harmonic sounds.

Tangibly, the installation is made up of two turbines, supported by a tuning fork structure between which the waves are created. Nonetheless, it is the intangible, the process created there, which provides sense to the space it occupies and establishes a relationship with the public, who begin to discover that their movements have an influence on the space, sound, and alternate states of great agitation with others when they stop to see how the wave disappears in space like a whistle in the wind.

by Daniel Palaicos

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